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Concept designs
They are drawn quickly, and are usually sketchy, or full of drawing guide lines.

They start off at $8 per drawing and as a default of "flat/base coloring".
Adding any textures, lighting, or shading will need to be spoken about via notes/messages.

I also accept PayPal and payment arrangements. :D
Flat coloring
Flat coloring is a drawing that does not have any textures, no shading, and no lighting in it.
However, a gradient of colors may be included.
A gradient is when one hue/color blends into another one, but it is considered as shading or lighting "effects". Starting at $15.

I do accept Paypal. :D
Greyscale art
Greyscale is a basic drawing but with no colors used. These ones will have lighting and shading in them starting at $20. Adding textures is an additional +$8
Single character commissions
These commissions are for single characters without a background. They usually start as low as $28.

I also accept PayPal and payment arrangements. :D
Redesigned Armor
These commissions were to redesign an old OC's armor with added textures for $30, but no backgrounds.

I also accept PayPal and payment arrangements. :D
Multiple characters
A commission with multiple characters can start as low as $40. Often when a background is simple, I'll throw it in there for free. ;)

I also accept PayPal and payment arrangements. :D
single characters with backgrounds
If I were to say the price for something like this it would start at $30, including the background makes it about $50.

I also accept PayPal and payment arrangements. :D
HD commissions
Here are examples of my 'HD' commissions with backgrounds. Usually a full body character, without a background, starts out at $80.
The backgrounds are sold separately. 

I also accept PayPal and payment arrangements. :D


"Drowning in the Void" is now available as art prints T-shirts, bags, electronic covers, blankets, coffee cups, and so much more!
Part 3 of the Oasis is done! Doing the plants.
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Hello, everyone!

I'm writing this journal because I had someone mention me in a journal on what kind of art tips and pointers I can give, and what can he do with his traditional art into digital art. (His journal is here)  Christmas Updates!Merry Christmas to all of my watchers! 
As the two-thousandth and sixteenth year concludes, we will be sprouting out, changed as if we became anew, in preparation for the come year. Hence I provide you what shall be changing in my spectrum, especially pertaining to my Deviantart! 
So lets get to it! 
Calling All Experienced Artists! 
:icondragunalb: :iconhalo-yokoshima: :iconSlaskia: :iconSpartan0-0-0: :iconwafflemaker9000: :iconmsartisticstuff: :iconcoolhaloboy360: :iconMuddyTiger: 
If you are one of those fancy people listed above, or are knowledgeable of their content (or are an experienced artist yourself), I need your help answering these questions! 
What should I start drawing first before I try to create a full-body artwork of a human? 
Should I master drawing human anatomy before trying to draw aliens? What parts of the body are most important in mastering?
What are some good references to drawing humans, aliens

As far as tips and techniques using digital programs or traditional art itself, that would have to be in a different journal. This is to help you discover ways to draw things, understanding shape, and getting your foundations down. These will improve your mind and since of construction of art and form. Looking up these keywords online will explain everything in great details that you, (and I bring this to you for free) will learn in an art college!
Welp, this is what I wrote and I'll past it here for all of you to read.

First of all, you need to know what style of art you intend to do, are currently in, or would like to achieve; Cartoon, anime, realistic, abstract, or something else (your style). Understanding that everyone has to start somewhere and in any of those styles, but what you want to do with it or to become better in, is up to you.

Bullet; Red Cartoons are more lenient with proportions, body shapes, and staying 'true to anatomy' form. Disney and Warner Bros. are America's most well known cartoons. There are some 'animes' that may qualify as 'cartoons'. (I'd rather leave that subject as is)
To start with drawing cartoons (and sometimes animes) is basic body anatomy, proportions, poster, and gesture. Those 4 things are the foundations of most art. Just understanding those 4 things followed by perspective, later learned when placing characters in an environment or having depth perception.

It sounds overwhelming....But it isn't. There are many books and online tutorials that tell you what to do, but not so much as to why, how, or for what reason. Understanding basic lines is most important of all.

Bullet; Blue "the art of animal drawing" by Ken Hultgren is a former Disney artist that made this book. I had this book and it is VERY helpful. It teaches you about lines, shapes, and how to create movement in the body form. This book art is more like the anime/realism with hints of the occasional cartoon. Learning from this book will give you the starting blocks that can be used for all kinds of art and body structure and not just for animals too. Learning about the real things first is what this artist explains and how you transform that into cartoons and animes.

Bullet; Green Anime/realism kinda go hand in hand as far as anatomy and body proportions. I had a lot of books to help me out, and they were "How to draw anime" books. Don't underestimate them! Yes, there are some that might not interest you, but do not give up on them entirely. They also have some good advise on fashion, cloth, and hair style. How to draw anime's are also good at explaining the visual difference of male body shapes and female body shapes and how each gender differ in poster and gesture! These books also have a lot of examples with using weapons and vehicles too.

Bullet; Orange Realism. I had medical anatomy books of the human body structures from the flesh down to the bones of both genders, and in all angles of it all as I could find. Having the former understanding of the above mentions of cartoons, animes, and the animal book, have helped on how to draw. However, as mentioned before, those books help you understand how to DRAW them, but what makes things realistic is more about textures, lighting, shading, and colors.

Bullet; Purple Abstract art is what you perceive it as. It doesn't have any rules; only guidelines. Depending on what you're wanting in your art, learning about color theory, perspective, shapes, and something that's known as "positive and negative space" are the foundation of great art and design. These things can be learned in the "fundamentals of art and design". Independant studies of this is up your interest.

Phew! *deep-breath

Bullet; Yellow Now, to transfer from traditional to digital can be done in several different ways. You can scan your traditional art into the pc or take a photograph of it. Once opened into your image manipulation program (gimp, Photoshop, etc.) you can do a few things with it;

     1: Keep the original art and cleaning it up with filters to give that cartoon/anime feel with the thick lines and sometimes textures. (or clean it up yourself) Make a new layer and color OVER it by changing the modes of the layers. (Keeping the original art helps with textures and shading sometimes. This also gives you the opportunity to play around with more possibilities without ruining the original and have better control over coloring.)

     2:  Tracing over it the original art onto a new layer to use later and deleting it once finished.
Unfortunately, cleaning up the traditional art is a pain. You can loose quality in it, the selections can be choppy, and doing it yourself takes a lot of time. What you want to preserve is up to you on what you want out of the art.

I think I'm done now.......I think I've fainted. Any questions?


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Lesslie H.
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I'm a digital artist for hire. I can do commissions of various kinds of concepts, redesigning, drawing originals, and even fan art. I'm only a message away to get started on creating your art in a stunning new style!



Dragon art


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